3 Intermittent Fasting Methods That Will Rock Your World

Delving Into Details Of The 16:8 Method, 24-hour OMAD (One Meal A Day) And The Alternate-day Method

Most people know that eating less can help you lose weight, but few people know how to do it without getting hangry or feeling deprived. Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a powerful tool for weight management that solved these problems for me during my weight loss journey (100 lbs gone!)

Intermittent fasting means going without food for an extended period. Whether you’re skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, intermittent fasting proves to be an effective way to lose weight. Also, to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes while also helping you get rid of that spare tire around your waistline.

Having a healthy weight will not only benefit your health but also help you feel more confident and more comfortable in your body. There are many types of fasting methods that can help you achieve this, but here are three I love.

  • The 16:8 Method: Beginners start here – skip breakfast purposely
  • 24-hour OMAD (One Meal A Day): A huge, tasty meal after a long fast
  • The Alternate-day Method: Advanced method stimulates autophagy 

The most basic form of intermittent fasting involves 16-hours without food, followed by an  8-hour eating window (perfect if you are new to IF). Half of this fasting time is usually while you are asleep, so this option is easier and just as beneficial in terms of health and weight loss. You do not need to do a whole 24-hour fast to get incredible benefits from intermittent fasting. The 16:8 method is super effective and fun, I highly recommend starting here.

The one meal a day (sometimes called the Warrior Diet), is where you fast all day and finally have a delightful meal after your fasting window. I swear by this method, this is so easy to follow and so simple. I lost over 100lbs practicing this fasting method! I love dinner, something about eating at night brings me comfort, so this was perfect for me. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend this method of fasting because this will help keep you full before bed time and keep you satisfied till the next day.

Alternate day fasting is where you fast for a day, then go to sleep and then eat normally the next day. After 24 hours of fasting you enter autophagy, this is where your body cleans itself out on a cellular level. Autophagy is when aged and damaged cells will get devoured and new cells regenerated. This process can fight off some neurodegenerative disease by removing toxic proteins from out of your cells. This way of fasting has a good deal of incredible health benefits and can be life changing for you.

Intermittent fasting can lead to astonishing health benefits, weight loss, mental clarity and focus. There are many benefits to intermittent fasting, some individuals practice IF for spiritual or religious beliefs, political protest or for health benefits including weight loss. Whatever the goal is, decide which fast you want to test and determine the intention behind this way of eating. This will help you achieve the outcome desired from intermittent fasting. So come and join our community to get you started in your journey to better physical and mental health!

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