Hello! My name is Afrah Al-tamimi and I want to introduce myself to you, to help you gain a perspective on who I am and what services I can offer your business.

First, you should know that I successfully lost over 100lbs in the course of 18 months after a back surgery. I experienced major setbacks in terms of my health that stemmed from my weight issues being morbidly obese. I took on the challenge to change my life for the better and now I am at a healthy weight and more energetic and excited to continue learning and growing in my life long journey.

I am on a mission to help others reach their goals by providing articles and products that can help them reach their goals by getting the most accurate and easily accessible information in their journey to optimal health.

If your company is interesting and ready to help those who need your product and my excellent writing skills to engage and inform the customer please click here to email me about what services you need, and let’s get this started!